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New Publication!

Academic publishing house Cambridge Scholars recently put out the collected volume, Comics and Power: Representing and Questioning Culture, Subjects and Communities, edited by comics scholars Rikke Platz Cortsen, Erin La Cour, and Anne Magnussen.

Nestled towards the end of its fourteen chapters is my own contribution, titled “'[A] matter of SAVED or LOST’: Difference, Salvation, and Subjection in Chick Tracts”. In it, I analyze the construction of “difference” in the small religious comics pamphlets known as Chick tracts. Using examples from the representation of the adherents and histories of Catholicism, Islam, and Judaism in some of these comics, I argue, among other things, that the provisional dichotomy established between the in-group, called the saved, and the generalized Other, the lost, is based on soteriological (salvational) exclusivity rather than any perception of innate difference.

Please take a look at the book. You can check out its table of contents, contributor bios, and the introduction here.


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