Redrawing the New York-Comics Relationship

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This week’s post is at the Gotham blog for scholars of New York City history!

This week, I will not be posting here, since I have a two-part post about the 19th century cartoonist Michael Angelo Woolf and his once-famous “waifs” coming up on Gotham: … Continue reading

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Comics Review: “Spider-Man Noir: Eyes without a Face”

We have now come to Spider-Man Noir: Eyes Without a Face, one of the last installments in the Marvel Noir series (it was followed by Iron Man Noir, which we … Continue reading

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Comics Review: “Luke Cage Noir”

Our ongoing series of Marvel Noir reviews has now come to Luke Cage Noir, the sixth installment in the franchise. Written by Adam Glass and Mike Benson, and with art … Continue reading

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Comics Review: “Punisher Noir”

Punisher Noir, with script by Frank Tieri and art by Paul Azaceta, is the fifth in Marvel’s series of Marvel Noir comics. The story begins with a series of cuts … Continue reading

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Comics Review: “Daredevil Noir”

Writer Alexander Irvine and artist Tomm Coker’s Daredevil Noir is the third series released as part of Marvel’s “Noir” imprint. It follows the titular character through a turf war between … Continue reading

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“Notices of New Books”: Comics in the New York Times, 1855

While I was reading David Kunzle’s Father of the Comic Strip: Rodolphe Töpffer, I came across the title of a comics album published in the United States that I had … Continue reading

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Book Review: Edward Robb Ellis’ “The Epic of New York City”

Edward Robb Ellis was a journalist, diarist, and consulting editor for the The Encyclopedia of New York City. His classic narrative history, The Epic of New York City, was first … Continue reading

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Comics Review: Michael Demson and Summer McClinton’s “Masks of Anarchy”

Masks Of Anarchy: The History Of A Radical Poem, From Percy Shelley To The Triangle Factory Fire (Verso, 2013) is a historical-biographical graphic novel by Michael Demson, a historian at … Continue reading

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Recommended Reading: Washington Irving’s “A History of New York”

In late 1809, a ponderously titled book was published: A History of New-York, from the Beginning of the World to the End of the Dutch Dynasty; Containing, among Many Surprising … Continue reading

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Comics, a Discourse on Definition

Comics criticism has a long history and, over the past ten years or so, academic and popular science books and articles about comics, in all its guises, have been published … Continue reading

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