Redrawing the New York-Comics Relationship

Subjective Ramblings and Peripheral Thoughts from the Edges of a Comics Studies Project


I was interviewed by the great people over at ALTbrown Podcast – a podcast highlighting alternative voices in communities of color – last night and, with amazing turnaround time, the … Continue reading

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Book Note: Artists Against Police Brutality

About a month or so ago, Maryland-based Rosarium Publishing released APB: Artists against Police Brutality: A Comic Book Anthology, an anthology of comics and flash fiction that, as it was … Continue reading

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Scandinavian Journal of Comic Art 2:1 out now!

A new issue of Scandinavian Journal of Comic Art (SJoCA), a journal i co-edit, is now out! SJoCA is an online, open-access, peer reviewed academic journal about comics and sequential … Continue reading

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My article, ‘X marks the spot,’ is now open access!

My recent article on Marvel’s District X, published in the latest issue of The Journal of Urban Cultural Studies (vol. 2, issue 1-2) is now available open access, which means … Continue reading

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A Soft Re-Open

So, I’ve been away from keyboard for a while now. There are numerous reasons, professional and personal for this. I won’t go into detail (it’s nothing that exciting). Rather, I’ll … Continue reading

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Backlash, a Superhero Story

The current backlash might not be about any particular character. At least not the ferocity of it. Although each instance is of course likely to be upsetting detractors for a variety of reasons […] what might be truly distressing is the aggregate.

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New Publication!

Academic publishing house Cambridge Scholars recently put out the collected volume, Comics and Power: Representing and Questioning Culture, Subjects and Communities, edited by comics scholars Rikke Platz Cortsen, Erin La … Continue reading

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Call for Papers: Scandinavian Journal of Comic Art

Scandinavian Journal of Comic Art (SJoCA) is an online, open-access, academic journal about comics and sequential art, applying a double blind peer review process. The scope of the journal is … Continue reading

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Away from Keyboard

Regrettably, real life sometimes refuses to let go and because of unavoidable events, today’s post has failed to materialize in time. So, again, in lieu of a post, I give … Continue reading

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In Lieu of a Post, Poetry

The past week has been busy, as I have had to prepare three weeks worth of teaching as well as a public lecture on Jewishness and comics, which I am … Continue reading

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