Book Review: Alex Shoumatoff’s “Westchester: Portrait of a County”

Journalist and writer Alex Shoumatoff published his Westchester: Portrait of a County in 1979, in which he chronicled, as he saw them, aspects of life in a place he had a native's perspective of: upstate New York's Westchester County.  The resulting book is divided into two sections, “The Land” and “The People.” The first section … Continue reading Book Review: Alex Shoumatoff’s “Westchester: Portrait of a County”

My article, ‘X marks the spot,’ is now open access!

My recent article on Marvel's District X, published in the latest issue of The Journal of Urban Cultural Studies (vol. 2, issue 1-2) is now available open access, which means that anybody can just click here and download it. The summary I had to write to got with it reads like this: This article studies … Continue reading My article, ‘X marks the spot,’ is now open access!

Comics Review: “NYX”

This is the first of a series of posts dealing with Marvel's New York mutant enclave, known variously as "Mutant Town" and "District X." Throughout its lifetime of roughly six years, the neighborhood saw many changes in its meaning and configuration. It first appeared in Grant Morrison and John Paul Leon's New X-Men #127 (August … Continue reading Comics Review: “NYX”

Book Review: Raymond Chandler’s “The Simple Art of Murder”

Raymond Chandler was one of the most well-known authors of hard-boiled detective fiction and one of the primary links between that genre of pulp fiction and “classic” film noir, owing to the facts that some of his work was adapted to the silver screen and that he worked for a time as a screenwriter in … Continue reading Book Review: Raymond Chandler’s “The Simple Art of Murder”

Comics Review: “X Men Noir: Mark of Cain”

X Men Noir: Mark of Cain is writer Fred van Lente and artist Dennis Calero’s sequel to their first Marvel Noir yarn. Among the last installments of the franchise, it continues the adventures of the cast from the creative team's previous one. The story centers on the hunt for an exotic gem, a betrayal, and … Continue reading Comics Review: “X Men Noir: Mark of Cain”

Comics Review: “Luke Cage Noir”

Our ongoing series of Marvel Noir reviews has now come to Luke Cage Noir, the sixth installment in the franchise. Written by Adam Glass and Mike Benson, and with art by Shawn Martinbrough, it tells the story of African American Luke Cage, a man from Harlem who has just been released from prison as we … Continue reading Comics Review: “Luke Cage Noir”

Comics Review: “Punisher Noir”

Punisher Noir, with script by Frank Tieri and art by Paul Azaceta, is the fifth in Marvel’s series of Marvel Noir comics. The story begins with a series of cuts in time, beginning in 1935 with an introduction of the Punisher, to which we will soon return. Next, the story jumps to Frank Castelione Sr. … Continue reading Comics Review: “Punisher Noir”

Comics Review: “Wolverine Noir”

Writer Stuart Moore and artist C. P. Smith’s Wolverine Noir was the fourth volume of the Marvel Noir imprint. It is probably among those that most clearly lives up to the label, although in a way that has to be qualified. Private detective Logan and his partner are hired to find out who is following … Continue reading Comics Review: “Wolverine Noir”

Comics Review: “Daredevil Noir”

Writer Alexander Irvine and artist Tomm Coker’s Daredevil Noir is the third series released as part of Marvel’s "Noir" imprint. It follows the titular character through a turf war between two leading gang bosses in New York’s Hell’s kitchen. The series opens on a strong note, starting at the ending like many classic noir texts … Continue reading Comics Review: “Daredevil Noir”

Comics Review: “Spider-Man Noir”

Spider-Man Noir was Marvel’s second offering under the Noir banner. Published between February and May 2009, it told a story by David Hine, previously known for such Marvel offerings as The 198 and the New York mutant "ghetto" series District X, and Fabrice Sapolsky, a relative newcomer. Artwork was provided by Carmine di Giandomenico, who … Continue reading Comics Review: “Spider-Man Noir”